Interior-Exterior Painting

Interior/exterior Painting

Which is the right quality of paint for you? Before choosing paint for your interior/exterior painting, it is crucial to ask yourself what you are going to get from the paint. There are so many questions the painter will ask you when you go to buy paint. He will use common words, and this article will guide you through the purchase procedure.


Water-based or oil-based paint

Without being very technical, oil-based paints are hard and require mineral spirits to clean. This may be a nightmare for an average homeowner. Water-based paints do not dry hard, clean up with water, and it becomes easy to work with them. You need to regulate oil paints for covering any unwanted stain.



Sheen also means gloss or shine. In many cases, more sheen means easy to clean and more durable. Sheen scale goes like matte, flat, luster, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and then gloss. Paints with low sheen usually hide imperfections while glossier ones reveal imperfections. This is the reason as to why ceilings have flat paint. Since these areas are quite untouchable, cleanliness is not an issue, and flat paint will help hide seams on dry walls. Alternatively, trim and doors and baseboards are handled regularly; therefore, the gloss and semi-gloss are common. When you visit Miami Remodeling, you will realize that professionals understand that walls have so much wear and tear. In case you are alone without pets and children, you can enjoy the softness of matte or flat paint. However, if you have them, eggshell and low sheen will make so much sense. Satin is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.


Green paints

Paint that is not eco-friendly contains volatile compounds emitted from the paint while drying. You may experience some concerns like throat, nose, and eye irritation, loss of coordination, headaches, damage to the liver, nausea, damage to the central nervous system and kidney. Other organics may result in cancer in animals and humans. The best thing about green paints is that they are many and they do not have volatile compounds. Visit Miami Dade remodeling to view the variety and prices and find out about their performance as compared to non-eco-friendly counterparts.


The best paint

In so many years of interior/exterior painting, medium level paints work well. It is the norm to put two coats. Even the paint that is referred to as the best cannot look cute with one coat unless when the primer is close to the final paint. Therefore, if you do not have a money issue, then you should choose the best paint for your walls. However, if the budget does not allow, go for mid-level paints that will give you good results.



Primers are always used in minimal situations; in case you are painting on drywall, employ a dry primer. Use an oil primer when you are covering unwanted stains. Use oil primers for areas with prior staining like paneling. On particular occasions, some colors need gray primers to help in reducing several coats. The reason behind this is that colorants and tints used to give the color of the paint. Therefore, more dyes are needed to provide thinner and more transparent outcomes.


Exterior Paints

In case you are doing exterior painting, look for the best paint in the line. Bedroom walls will not get exposed to harsh conditions for twenty years that exterior walls get exposed to for three weeks. Satin is recommended for these floors so that there is additional durability. You will get what you pay for when you buy exterior paint.  

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